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Stephanie Christensen, MS

Marriage & Family Therapy Resident

Stephanie is a graduate of Virginia Tech and a resident marriage and family therapist. She works primarily with couples but also works regularly with individuals, children and whole families. She uses a unique integration of methods that focuses on thoughts (mind) and feelings (body). Her methods are informed by Family Systems Theory, Attachment Theory and Polyvagal Theory. She is trained in Emotion Focused Therapy, Child-Centered Play Therapy and Parent-Child Relationship Therapy. She is also trained and certified to conduct equine-assisted psychotherapy. 

"I believe each individual has the potential and capacity to discover their ideal self. As a therapist, I take a holistic and systemic assessment and with understanding and gentleness, I help facilitate the awakening of awareness. With your newfound awareness of your mind's and body's patterns, together, we formulate solutions to transform your relationship with yourself, with others and your environment. In my therapy room, you can expect intentional interventions that help you make sense of your experience, an emphasis on progress towards your goals and above all, a safe place to bring your whole selves to the table." 

Stephanie Christensen, MS
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