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Confessional Community

December 4-6, 2024

Come and get a taste of a Confessional Community as we learn to tell our stories more truly and practice for heaven together.

In-person in Falls Church, VA | Cost: $1500

Now accepting applications.

Apply by October 11, 2024

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Confessional Community Intensive

Gather in small groups facilitated by New Story staff to experience a Confessional Community. Encounter the power of being known, and witness the impact of your presence on another’s story.

In a large group setting, Curt Thompson, MD will draw from material in all three of his books and The Being Known Podcast to teach on the foundations of Confessional Communities.


What to Expect

Confessional Communities


These groups will consist of six to eight individuals who will share their stories under the guidance of New Story staff members. Individuals will witness the dynamic weaving together of stories and explore the emotions and sensations that arise throughout the process.



Drawing from material in all of his books and The Being Known Podcast, Curt Thompson, MD will connect what we now know to be true about shame, vulnerability, and the power of connection to the process unfolding in the Confessional Communities at hand. 

Reflection Time


Participants will have structured time for private reflection with focus and guidance provided by New Story staff.

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