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Imagine. Create. Embody.

Create the Life You Long For

We curate therapeutic spaces and experiences...

Equip our clients to encounter their stories,

Create new possibilities for their lives, and

Build fulfilling and lasting relationships.

Our Services

We provide therapy for individuals, couples, families, and groups; we are also accepting members for our upcoming short-term and long-term groups. 

Individual Psychotherapy

Personalized, one-on-one therapy with a caring clinician

Group Therapy
Confessional Communities 

Where we experience the regenerative power of relationships 

Psychiatric Evaluation

Medical assessment and resources to support your mental health 

Confessional Community for Mothers

September 7 - November 30

This fall, New Story will offer a Confessional Community group for moms. Over 12 sessions, moms will tell their own stories of growing up, share their current experiences of being a mom, and gain practical insight into how they might parent more effectively and with more peace and joy.

In-person in Falls Church, VA

Cost: $150 per session

Now screening participants

Deadline August 25th

Click here to schedule a screening

Mother and Daughter Love
Concrete Wall

Be a part of a Confessional Community and learn to tell your story more truly.

In-person in Falls Church, VA | Cost: $1500


Now accepting applications. Deadline October 15th.

Click here to apply

Join Our Team!

We're looking for prescribers and therapists who want to join our mission to help clients write new stories for their lives.


Prescribers should have experience practicing in a mental health setting. Therapists should be licensed or "in progress" towards licensure within their profession.


Please send a resume and letter of interest to Courtney Morrison at


We are a people of deep desire.


We desire to be known in the deepest recesses of our stories, so that we will be liberated to become outposts of beauty and goodness in the world.

Curt Thompson, MD, The Soul of Desire

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