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The Collective

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The Confessional Community Collective

a gathering of individuals who are cultivating confessional communities in their neighborhoods, workplaces, places of worship, ...or wherever they take root! 

Who can benefit?

Members of The Collective are lay leaders, clergy, clinicians, entrepreneurs, non-profit leaders, and others.


Participate in a two-day long confessional community and learn:


  • the skills that are vital in creating and sustaining your own confessional community

  • the steps for others to be truly known in clinical and non clinical settings

How can I join?

Membership in The Collective and participation in our two-day long training events is by application only.


The next training event will take place in Fall 2022.


For more information, send us an email.

Therapy Group

Where interpersonal interactions among group members provide space for a deeper awareness of how you relate to others.

Confessional Community

Builds upon the therapy group process by incorporating both Interpersonal Neurobiology & Christian Spiritual Formation. All three components are woven together to provide the space for participants to be deeply known and tell their stories more truly. 

Confessional Community Intensive

Multi-day intensives designed to condense an 8-month CC experience and provide a snapshot of this sacred experience.


"I wish my relationships outside of group could be as open and authentic as they are inside of group."

"I've been in individual therapy for ten years and I've grown more in six months of group than all those years combined."

"I take you guys with me wherever I go and I picture all of your faces when things get really hard."

"I can't be fully myself anywhere else but here in group."

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